Most advance investigation agency in Wisconsin
Most adavnced investigative systems in Wisconsin

Creating Custom Solutions To Unique Problems
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Audio and video recording and monitoring devices
Small arms modifications, enhancement and targeting devices
Incident re-enacting in animation or real life
Training and demonstrations
Technical Surveillance Countermeasures and Electronic Security

Whatever scientific concentration, we have spent a life time "inventing" solutions to any technical problems brought to us.
Electronics, hydraulics, ballistics, physics, criminal forensics, mechanical engineering. We believe that there is always an answer and we guarantee to deliver.
It is our business to improve the equipment that doesn't quite fulfill, design and build something better, or create a whole new technology.

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Investigation into any circumstance will inevitably result in the need to demonstrate to someone the how, why and who regarding the investigator's conclusions.

This may be the 3D re-enactment, step by step slide show, or the narration in terms that can be understood by the layman.

3D animation: demonstrates the event as it conforms to the evidence gathered. The point of view can be any location desired at any time during the event.

Slide Shows: Explains the procedures and processes followed by the investigator on gathering the evidence.

Experiments: recreate key points of the event, proving the conclusion by the results in the model matching the quantitative observance of the scene.

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Accident reconstruction testing
Presentations to investigators, law enforcement as well as attorneys pertaining to accepted standards and technological limitations of investigative and forensic science.

Crime Scene Protection and Evidence Collection

Recommended or mandatory procedures in the handling, collection and processing of evidence.

Surveillance and Investigative Techniques

Moving and stationary surveillance techniques and equipment procedures and tactics.

Practically Murder

The murder crime scene game that teaches investigative procedures through a moch scene, the procedures or investigation, to the proof of “Who done it”.

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Forensic classroom moch scene training
Patent holder of Battery Powered Video Recording Technology

Video & Audio surveillance, counter-surveillance and perimeter monitoring

4 decades developing, designing custom devices for intelligence gathering to the specifications of government agencies, armed forces and LEOs.
Government trained in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures.

Wristcam & Tardis are recognized by, and on display at, The International Spy Museum In Washington D.C.

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Advance surveillance equipment development
BTS has worked with many agencies developing modifications to handheld weapons.

Created aides that document personnel's performance during training for review.

Created automated targeting systems for range efficiency.

Created test fixtures for handgun performance testing.

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Small Arms technology advancements
Private forensic video audio enhancement crime scene accident reeanctment